Mahindra Gio Small Pick Up Truck - FAQs

What does the name Gio stands for?
The name Gio has been coined keeping the unique features of India's first compact truck in mind. The word has its roots in the Hindi word "Jeeyo", which signifies a long and happy life. Truly an appropriate name for a vehicle with such great earning potential, as it's sure to bring years of satisfaction and prosperity to the owner, for years to come.
Where will this vehicle be used?
The Mahindra Gio can be used for any kind of market load including hardware and paint, consumer durables, agriculture loads, white goods, fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs), electrical items, industrial goods, stationary, building materials, bakery items, furniture, tiles and marble, gas cylinders, soft drinks, courier services, print material, wine distribution and more. In fact its compact cargo box makes Mahindra Gio the ideal vehicle for intra-city operations, but it can also be used for a host of other applications.
Is Mahindra Gio available in customised applications ?
Mahindra Gio is available for customised applications like a delivery van, high deck, high roof delivery van, chicken carrier, water tanker, soft drink carrier, gas cylinder carrier, vegetable carrier, mineral water bottle carrier and as a catering van. It also has municipal applications like being used as a tipper, dumper and placer etc.
Is the Mahindra Gio the "1st 4W" in the 0.5 ton payload category?
Yes, Mahindra Gio is the first 4 wheeler in the 0.5 ton category. Mahindra & Mahindra is the first manufacturer to introduce this groundbreaking truck, which is India's first compact truck.
What are the features unique in Mahindra Gio? What is so special in the Gio? Why should I buy this vehicle and not other 4 Wheelers?
With an unmatched mileage of 30 kmpl, low operating and maintenance costs, optimum load carrying capacity, and an amazing price, Gio is the most economical vehicle in the commercial vehicle segment. Here are some more details:

Ideal for intra-city movement of goods
• Small turning radius - Negotiates the crowded & narrow   market lanes easily .
• A well designed cargo box, with the best utilisation of space for intra-city usage

Value for Money
• Mahindra Gio comes with the Kohler engine that provides an   excellent pick up and load carrying capability.
• The mileage of Mahindra Gio is 30 kmpl which is almost the same as a   3 wheelers (around 30-32 kmpl) and much better than other 4 wheelers   (around 17 Km/l).
Cares for your Safety & Comfort
• The semi forward cabin makes Mahindra Gio a very safe vehicle
• The vehicle has undergone stringent safety tests.
• The front independent suspension and the leaf spring suspension at   the rear not only ensure higher stability of your load but make your   ride very comfortable.

Attractive - Stylish
• Mahindra Gio is a stylish and smart looking 4 wheeler. With its   youthful colours and trendy looks, you're sure to get noticed   wherever you go.

Tough & Reliable
• All Mahindra vehicles are known for their reliability and ruggedness.

All these make Mahindra Gio a very wise and smart choice for you.
What is the mileage, the operating & maintenance expense for Mahindra Gio? Is it more than 3 wheelers? Is the mileage, operating & maintenance expense like other 4 wheeler in Sub 0.75 T Category?
Mahindra Gio comes with an excellent mileage of 30 kmpl, low operating and maintenance cost and optimum load carrying capacity , making it the most economical vehicle in the commercial vehicle segment.
Which engine has been used in Mahindra Gio?
The engine has been manufactured by Kohler, one of the biggest engine manufacturing groups in the US. Kohler has more than 55 manufacturing facilities, across 5 continents and manufactures more than 1 million engines every year.
What are the specifications of Kohler engine? How is this engine is better than those existing in the market?
The Mahindra Gio Kohler engine is a cutting-edge one, delivering a power of 9.1 BHP which is ideal for the 0.5 ton load. This is the only single cylinder engine which is BS III compliance and what's more it gives an excellent mileage of 30 kmpl and very good pick up.
What is warranty period for Mahindra Gio?
The standard warranty is 1 year or 60,000 km (whichever is earlier).
Is the warranty on the engine and the vehicle same or different?
The engine warranty duration is same as the vehicle warranty.
What are the service intervals for Mahindra Gio?
There are 4 free services. They are

• 1st – 1000 km or 15 days whichever earlier
• 2nd – 5000 km or 60 days whichever earlier
• 3rd – 10000 km or 120 days whichever earlier
• 4th – 15000 km or 180 days whichever earlier

After this, we recommend you get your Mahindra Gio serviced at an interval of every 5000 kms. After the first four free services, all services will be 'paid services'. More details are provided in the Owner's Manual.
Mahindra Gio's rear tyres appear straight as against the inclined rear tyres in 3 wheelers. Is it a normal design?
Mahindra Gio has a rigid axle suspension with leaf springs. The same design is used in LCVs and trucks. Due to this suspension design, rear wheels are straight and do not remain at an angle (like in a 3 wheeler). In fact, the rigid axle suspension is stronger and will ensure more stability of load as compared to a 3 wheeler.
What will be the fuel average given by Mahindra Gio? Is the mileage better than other 4 wheelers in sub 0.75 ton load segment? Is the mileage less than 3 Wheeler?
Mahindra Gio has been fitted with the technologically advanced Kohler engine. This powerful yet fuel efficient engine makes the average of Mahindra Gio, 30 kmpl. As against the other 4 wheeler in the sub 0.75 ton load segment (17 to 18 kmpl) and almost equivalent to a 3 wheeler (30-32 kmpl). However the actual fuel consumption average will depend on load, road conditions and driving habits.

All these features make Mahindra Gio a very safe vehicle.
How does Mahindra Gio fare on safety as compared to other vehicles in the category?
1. Mahindra Gio has undergone all stringent safety tests like a crash test. so it is has been tested and certified as safe.
2. Mahindra Gio has a semi forward cabin which makes it very safe in the case of a frontal impact. This safety feature is not available in 3 wheelers & other 4 wheelers.
What kind of finance options will I get for the Mahindra Gio.
Finance amount is at the discretion of banks / lending or financial institutions. However we will (through our dealerships) assist you in getting maximum financial assistance.
What accessories are available for Mahindra Gio?
Mahindra & Mahindra has provided various accessories for your Mahindra Gio. These include
• Co-driver cushioned seat
• Cabin fan
• Floor mats
• Mud flaps
• Seat cover
• Roof liner
• 12v Charging Socket

All these accessories are available in the dealership and can be fitted in to the vehicle as per your wishes. These accessories have been designed especially for the Mahindra Gio and have been priced very reasonably too.
What is the advantage of mounting the engine in the rear?
Mahindra Gio's has been uniquely designed with its engine in the rear, below the cargo box. As this Kohler engine is an air-cooled engine it as such does not need a radiator and hence it need not be kept in the front.
Keeping the engine in the rear ensures a lower noise level inside the cabin and moreover the heat from the engine does not enter the cabin. Thereby keeping your cabin cooler, and more comfortable even in hot weather.
Additional weight has been added to the front of the vehicle to take care of the engine weight at the rear. So this unique placement of the engine does not compromise on the Gio's stability.
Can Mahindra Gio take overloading?
While we do not recommend overloading the vehicle, Mahindra Gio is a tough vehicle and is designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions of our markets.
How many colours is the Mahindra Gio available in?
Mahindra Gio will be available in 4 youthful colours - Royal Red, Diamond White, Peacock Blue and Sporty Green.